The Aldes Dryer Vent Box is a recessed dryer vent box that allows the dryer to mount flush against the wall. In the past, dryer venting was inefficient due to friction-causing bends in the flexible hose behind the dryer. These restrictive airflow bends keep the appliance far away from the wall, and they are the primary source of lint build-up in the flex duct, which is a fire hazard. Similar to the commonly used recessed washing-machine-connection box, the Recessed Dryer Vent Box will provide many benefits to the contractor and homeowner.


No restrictive bends in the flex duct
Saves space and energy
Reduces fire hazard
Less drying time equals improved dryer efficiency
Dryer can be installed against the wall
22-gauge aluminized steel box is safe, rigid, rust free, and paintable
Two models available: Up-Flow or Down-Flow

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