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Are you looking for a new fan for your home? Wondering what kind of fan you need? Or what the difference is between bathroom fans and whole-house fans? Good news, Aldes has solutions for bathrooms, whole-house, and systems that combine both for highly efficient ventilation.

Most of us are familiar with bath fans and why we need them, however, the need for whole-house fans, or systems that combine both, are growing. Over the past few decades, well-insulated homes, free of drafts have become commonplace. We can enjoy controlling the heat and air conditioning efficiently and effectively. While these tightly sealed homes help control heating and cooling costs, they can also trap odors, chemicals and humidity in the home and cause poor indoor air quality. As our homes become more tightly sealed than ever, it has also become more important than ever to ensure properly controlled ventilation.

A continuously operating whole-house mechanical ventilation system is the best way to ensure the right amount of ventilation, which varies with the size of the home, number of occupants, activities and lifestyle. Aldes offers a full range of continuously operating whole-house ventilation products.

Certain areas of the home, such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages and laundry rooms, require more ventilation when in use. Homeowners have the option of spot ventilation—also called on-demand ventilation. In traditional homes this is accomplished with a typical bathroom fan; more modern homes are advancing to systems that combine both whole-house and on-demand ventilation in one.  These systems are more energy efficient, require fewer penetrations or vents in the outside walls, and are quieter than traditional bath fans.

Aldes provides engineered systems specifically designed to integrate all necessary components into a single solution. It is easy to order complete bathroom or whole-house systems, and product compatibility is guaranteed.