Indoor Air Quality is everyone’s business

12,000 Liters. That’s the amount of air we breathe every day.  12,000 Liters of air is also 26,000 breaths…And because air is not just for us to breathe, but it also helps us live a healthier life, Aldes commits to taking care of the health of each building occupant.​

Did you know that air indoors is up to 8 times more polluted than air outside, yet we spend up to 90% of our time indoors?​

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can lead to cancer, allergies, insomnia and other respiratory problems and that impacts around 235 million people* in the world every year?​

At Aldes, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is no mystery:  Deeply rooted in our DNA, we have worked throughout the decades with professionals in the building industry to contribute to creating healthier indoor spaces.  ​

Our skills in air management enable us to help design indoor living spaces that are smart and caring.  Where we live, work and have fun, Aldes watches over the well-being of building occupants through innovative solutions that improve indoor air quality.​

High-performance solutions that respect the environment, enabling the renewal and purification of indoor air, heating it, cooling it, and providing domestic hot water.​

Doctors, professors, engineers, politicians, installers and even customers: discover here our series of testimonials from experts on the questions that your customers may ask around indoor air quality.

More than ever, Aldes is by your side to offer you ventilation solutions, essential for reducing the risks of COVID-19 contamination

Recent scientific studies show it: a well-ventilated space reduces by 10 the risk of contamination by SARS COV-2**. ​

In addition to the already known benefits (improving sleep quality, increasing concentration, etc.), good ventilation has also been shown to reduce the risk of contamination. This is why it is necessary to have reliable and efficient ventilation and air purification solutions … especially since the COVID-19 virus seems like it will become a seasonal problem like the flu. ***​

How do you know if the room is well ventilated? One of the key indicators is the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a room. This odorless and colorless gas naturally present in the atmosphere is also produced by living organisms, including humans, when they breathe. Controlling the level of CO2 in confined spaces is essential because the higher the level of CO2, the more the atmosphere is confined and therefore potentially dangerous for the occupants. In order to ensure a minimum containment rate, the concentration of CO2 in a room should not exceed 1000 ppm.​

Aldes, a specialist in indoor air quality solutions, is at your side to provide you with complete solutions: CO2 measurement, ventilation solutions adapted to each project, as well as support services.​

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