Aldes CSR3-S Constant Supply Register incorporates a pressure independent balancing damper that automatically regulates airflow in duct systems to constant levels. The passive control element in the CSR3-S requires no electric or pneumatic power or sensors, and works solely off system pressure.

The CSR3-S compensates for changes in duct pressure caused by stack effect, operable windows and doors, wind, loading filters, etc. The CSR3-S provides a low-cost solution to maintaining the correct airflow balance of ventilation systems, improving system performance and indoor air quality, which can provide significant savings on annual operating costs.

CSR3-S shall be provided as an assembly consisting of a CAR3*, painted aluminum grille, and galvanized steel sleeve assembly with duct collar to attach square or rectangular duct.

UL Classified: CAR3 is UL 2043 safety classified and labeled for flame and smoke generation (File No. R39897)
Pressure Ranges: CAR3-L: 0.12 to 1.2 in. w.g. or CAR3-H: 0.4 to 2.8 in. w.g.
Use: Supply Air
Application: New Construction
Warranty: 7 years
Duct Type: Square or Rectangle
Assembly Includes: CAR3 and Aluminum Supply Air Grille
*Patent Pending

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