The Aldes CSB3-WS Constant Supply Box is a wall register box which incorporates an automatic, pressure independent balancing damper that regulates supply airflow in duct systems to constant levels. The passive control element (CAR3) in the CSB3-WS requires no electric or pneumatic power, sensors, and works solely off system pressure. Each CSB3-WS includes mounting brackets and necessary hardware for installation.

The CSB3-WS compensates for changes in duct pressure caused by stack effect, operable windows and doors, wind, loading filters, etc. The CSB3-WS provides a low-cost solution to maintaining the correct airflow balance of ventilation systems, improving system performance and indoor air quality, which can provide significant savings on annual operating costs.

The plenum box casing shall be minimum 24-gauge G90 galvanized steel with an integral steel duct collar that allows attachment of both rigid and flexible ducting. The collar shall be sized to allow full insertion of a model CAR3 Constant Airflow Regulator for airflow control, but without the regulator extending into attaching duct.  Each CSB3-WS shall include all necessary mounting brackets and hardware.

UL Classified: CAR3 is UL 2043 safety classified and labeled for flame and smoke generation (File No. R39897)
Pressure Range: CAR3-L: 0.12 to 1.2 in. w.g.
Use: Supply Air
Application: New Construction
Orientation: Wall Mount with Side Take-Off Collar
Duct Type: Round

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