Aldes AIRLET™ 700 Temperature Controlled Fresh Air Inlet is a temperature-responsive air inlet that automatically adjusts the incoming airflow according to outside temperatures. The integral thermally powered actuator requires no external power to operate the airlet opening. The insulated front cover incorporates a condensation-prevention design.

The pre-calibrated opening on the AIRLET™ 700 starts to close once the outside air temperature drops to 50°F, and it is closed completely at 23°F. The temperature settings are field adjustable – simply turn the front cover. Each quarter rotation of the cover is equivalent to approximately 1 mm, or 2°F. A minimum airflow setting can also be set, preventing the vent from ever closing completely.

The AIRLET™ 700 includes a permanent, easily accessible washable filter, expandable wall sleeve, and exterior louver. Options include a sound-absorbing wall sleeve for acoustically sensitive areas.

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