Aldes 7-Day Programmable Timer can be used to operate a ventilation system during specific occupied periods, such as business hours, or when occupants are normally present. The timer can switch low-voltage circuits from 12V up to 240 VAC and motor loads of 1 to 2 hp. This feature enables its use on low-voltage circuits with heat and energy recovery ventilators, or on line-voltage circuits to control a fan directly. The timer has a manual override feature to interrupt the programmed schedule, if needed. With dry-contact switching, it may be wired in parallel with other dry-contact switches to control a common load, such as a central multi-port exhaust fan controlled from several bathrooms.

The timer may also be used to turn on lights, appliances, fans, etc., on a daily or weekly repeating schedule. For lighting functions, it can be programmed to follow daily changes in sunrise and sunset times. The unit is pre-set to follow the annual changes to Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time, and it can be changed in the future. It can be set to a random mode to provide the appearance of occupancy, even when no one is home.

The timer has four programming options, an LCD digital clock, and a battery back-up in case of a power failure.

Electrical Ratings: 1 hp at 120 VAC; 2 hp at 240 VAC.

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