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At Aldes North America, we never stop innovating. As part of our commitment to providing world-class ventilation technology, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new CAR3®, a next generation constant airflow regulator.

A core product for Aldes North America for years, the constant airflow regulator has received a major update that incorporates industry-exclusive dual-side airflow adjustability and provides greater range of airflow for diverse applications. The regulators are calibrated to respond to pressure changes without need for an external signal or power source. It is available in a variety of assemblies to provide a complete solution.

Quality Construction

So, what’s not changing? Our customers can expect the same world-class function and performance —the same best-in-class durability, reliability, and design — from the CAR3® as always but with added precision and more options. Each unit is built in the United States and is constructed from a proprietary blend of amorphous thermoplastic resin.

Treated with antimicrobial, anti-static, and flame-retardant materials, the regulator offers high-end longevity and reliability. It requires no maintenance under normal conditions and is guaranteed for an industry-leading seven years.

Leading the Industry

Aldes North America is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing ventilation systems and components for residential and commercial markets. We specialize in ventilation products and systems for homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools and other commercial applications. Our residential and commercial air-to-air heat and energy recovery solutions include airflow balancing components, residential in-line fans and patented demand control terminal devices for commercial applications.

The CAR3®, like every Aldes product, combines decades of innovative know-how and experience in creating world-class quality. Our products are found in high-performing homes and buildings across the U.S. and Canada. For more information about the new CAR3®, visit and