Progress is in the air

At ALDES North America—part of Aldes group, founded in 1925—we are convinced that the meaning behind our actions must serve as a veritable breath of fresh air, providing the impetus for everything we do.

We work with respect, trust and commitment to accomplish our mission of creating healthier indoor spaces while fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities. We are well aware that our collective energy is amplified when we all pull together, in the same direction. All around the world. By turning each individual’s sense of commitment into a collective voice, we are working to improve indoor air quality.

Espace Montmorency – The largest urban hub ever built in Laval

This innovative urban hub in the heart of Laval installed Light Commercial & InspirAIR ALDES H/ERV units.

The City of Lougheed – From Shopping Centre to City Centre

The innovative City of Lougheed installed ALDES Light Commercial and Low Profile Series HRVs!

Aldes North America Announces Manufacturing Expansion

Global manufacturer of heat and energy recovery ventilation systems to airflow controls is expanding their facility by 28,000 sq. feet.

Does my Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) have a problem?

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