The innovative City of Lougheed installed ALDES Light Commercial and Low Profile Series HRVs

Photo credit – The City of Lougheed Official website

What started off as Burnaby’ second biggest shopping centre is now becoming a marvellous city within Metro Vancouver, British Colombia. The City of Lougheed’s shopping centre is just the beginning of a grand project with many facets! The different phases of this project include 28 ALDES Light Commercial units as well as 11 units from ALDES’ Low Profile series.

Over the short- and long-term future, this project will evolve into a 37-acre city. The city has fresh greenery and open spaces as well as shops, boutiques and lots of cafes and restaurants plus the mall’s Eateries. The City of Lougheed will be the heart of Metro Vancouver and its residents will be able to work there and live in one of the 10,000 new homes. The first neighborhood should be up and running next year (2021), there are many more phases to come!

This state of the art city project includes 28 multifaceted Light Commercial units (H1800-Fi-EC, H1100-Fi-EC, H650-Fi-EC). Aldes’ compact Light Commercial ventilators are the most popular choice for bringing fresh healthy air to schools, offices, retail establishments, common areas of multi-unit residential buildings, and much more. The Light Commercial line has three versatile models, covering airflow requirements from 500 to 1800 cfm. All models feature efficient fixed-plate recovery cores, high quality motors, easy-to-use wall controls, and FlexControl to select and balance the right airflow for your needs, optimizing the overall energy efficiency of your ventilation system. This innovative tiny city also includes 11 Aldes Low Profile Series units (LH2000i & LH3000i). Our adaptable Low Profile range provides fresh air with heat- and energy-recovery and optional pre- and post air treatment (heating only). For applications where vertical space is restricted – the side-by-side blower design allows us to minimize the height of the units in this product family.

Aldes representative Trane in Burnaby, BC, facilitated the sale of Aldes products to this innovative structure. From Shopping centre to city centre, the evolution has begun!

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