Ventilation Innovation

Engineering tomorrow’s solutions is more than an idea – it is a guiding principle. Every Aldes product is equal parts innovation and experience. From automatic airflow controls to advanced heat and energy recovery ventilators, Aldes products can be found in high-performing homes and buildings across the North America.

The Aldes CAR3, winner of the Ventilation Innovation Award at the 2021 AHR Expo!

Learn more about the AHR Expo 2021 Innovation Award Winners and Aldes' CAR3...

The City of Lougheed – From Shopping Centre to City Centre

The innovative City of Lougheed installed ALDES Light Commercial and Low Profile Series HRVs!

VENTILATION: One of the barriers against COVID-19

Is opening windows enough to fight the virus? Does the virus spread more easily with ventilation? This year ventilation has been a topic of conversation in households across North America. ALDES is here to provide clarity and answer your questions!

Does my Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) have a problem?

Click on the click to discover if your HRV is working properly.