The InspirAir® TOP is an energy recovery ventilator for homes.

The InspirAIR® TOP offers performance and efficiency in addition to effectively filtering indoor pollutants. In fact, InspirAIR® TOP presents the widest range of filters on the market to meet specific users’ needs. In addition, the InspirAIR® TOP is Passivhaus certified, which means that it has been designed to drive optimal energy use.

  • Improve indoor comfort and reduce the house’s energy use
  • Constant airflow EC motors
  • 80% SRE at 0°C
  • ERV counter-flow core
  • Quiet & easy installation
  • Easy inversion of airflows on site
  • Included InspirAIR® intuitive wall control
  • High-quality filtration with standard MERV 8 (exhaust) and MERV 10 (supply) filters and optional MERV 13, MERV 15 and MERV 13 with active charcoal filters

TOP Overview:

  • 265 CFM ventilation capacity
  • Widest range of filters on the market
  • ERV counter-flow core
  • Removes radon (gas) by quickly renewing air in rooms
  • Integrated constant airflow
  • PASSIVHAUS Certified
  • HVI Certified