The Pax Norte Smart Fan from Aldes is the next generation in ventilation air movement technology. It is fully programmable, using a smart phone or tablet to control numerous airflow sequences and performance options. The micro watt DC Powered Fan only consumes 4 watts, even during continuous operation, making it the optimal choice for energy efficient performance.

Typical Applications:

  • Bathroom Exhaust • Mobile Home Ventilation • Air Transfer Between Rooms
  • Garage Ventilation • Boats and Motorhomes

Delivered Preset as an Automatic Ventilation Fan, the 65 cfm capacity, continuous duty-rated Pax Norte, can be used for constant IAQ rate ventilation, intermittent spot ventilation, or a combination of both. Using the Pax smart app, the continuous, or “trickle” vent operation, is adjustable between 41%-70% of the fan capacity. Plus, intermittent “boost” operation can be set to respond to light sensing, humidity sensing, or manual override. Each function can also be adjusted to different levels of sensitivity and boost capacity, ensuring fully automatic and reliable operation in any application.

The Downloadable Pax Smart App adds features such as a smart calendar function, which allows users to activate any of your options according to day and/or time. Each Pax Norte fan has its own unique identity that you assign, so hundreds of fans can be controlled independently from a single smart phone or tablet, making them ideal for hotel or student housing applications.

1. Fully automatic fan, ready to use
2. Choose between 5 preset profiles and have the opportunity
for more settings and adjustments via the Pax app.
3. Easy to install and use.
4. Very quiet 17-20dB @10 Ft.
5. Effective, 65 CFM free blowing
6. Energy-saving, maximum 4 W
7. Boost function
8. Separate 12 V input
9. Safe and secure. Each fan is thoroughly tested and UL listed.

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