The Aldes Group acquires the Danish company Exhausto

This major operation will boost the development of the Group in Northern Europe and will make the group a key player on the air handling market.

ALDES, an international family group based in Vénissieux (69), France, whose business responds to the needs of indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy management in buildings, has just bought the Danish company EXHAUSTO, a key player on the market of air handling units for multi-family and commercial buildings (schools, offices, institutions…).

Created in 1957, EXHAUSTO is today a major, recognized leader in Northern Europe, principally in Denmark, Sweden as well as in Norway and holds a prime position in Germany. In 2015, the group generated a turnover of 63 million euros (70 million US dollars) with a total of 286 employees. The ALDES group will acquire 100 % of the company, with two plants based in Denmark and in Norway.

We are really pleased to welcome the EXHAUSTO company into our Group and our family of international brands”, states Stanislas LACROIX, Chairman of the ALDES Group. “This acquisition is perfectly in line with our purpose, our strategy and our ambition. It will enable the ALDES Group to reinforce its skills and solutions offering to accelerate its growth in Europe and in the rest of the world.

A major step towards the geographical expansion of the ALDES group

Already present in nearly 60 countries in Europe and in the world, the ALDES Group, through this acquisition, will create a strategic entrance into Northern Europe where the EXHAUSTO brand holds a strong commercial position on the air handling market notably in Norway, in Denmark and in Germany. In these countries, EXHAUSTO also holds a leading position and brand notoriety.

For Stanislas LACROIX, Chairman of the ALDES Group, “this acquisition is a major step in our international development, notably in Germany, and it will open the doors to Scandinavia”.

Strong complementarities

The success of EXHAUSTO is linked to its high level of know-how for the design and the manufacturing of air handling units. Its comprehensive range of solutions (compact and modular) cover a wide range of different powers, from 50 to 54 000 m3/h, responding to a very high number of needs in multi-family and commercial buildings.

The acquisition of EXHAUSTO will significantly enrich the offering of the Aldes Group and create new development prospects in France and in its international subsidiaries.

At the same time, this operation will also enable EXHAUSTO customers to benefit from solutions developed by ALDES, designed to create smart living spaces for a healthier life in all buildings (schools, offices, hotels, senior living communities, family homes…).

For Stanislas LACROIX, Chairman of the ALDES group, “The know-how of the EXHAUSTO corresponds perfectly to the demands of the ALDES Group. Our combined expertise will mean that both companies will be able to benefit from the latest technology and a level of service from recognized professionals”.

About the ALDES Group

A French International Family Group, ALDES provides: ventilation (self-adjusting and humidity-sensitive MEVs, HRV, Digital air purification…), Heating/Cooling/Domestic Hot Water and CVC. Created in 1925 and implanted in Vénissieux (69), the ALDES Group employs 1300 employees and has a turnover of 220 million euros. The ALDES Group operates in nearly 60 countries in the world and holds a leading position on many European markets. See

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Because air is not just about breathing and it helps us live a healthier life, the ALDES group designs integrated air handling solutions to ensure the health of building users, whether at school, at the office or at home.

ALDES is an international group, active in 60 countries and a major player in the Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, Domestic Hot Water and Central Vacuum Cleaning business lines. Through innovative solutions, we contribute to the development of healthier, more comfortable and more energy-efficient living spaces.

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