The magnificent 500-foot-tall tower, 280,700-square-foot development at 42 Trinity Place, also known as 77 Greenwich Street, brings a new 56,000 square foot elementary school, 90 condominium apartments and retail to the site. This mixed-use tower includes 157 ALDES Zone Register Terminals (ZRT®) and 12 Constant Exhaust Registers with integral fire damper.

The school will fill the first eight floors, as well as part of the preserved and restored Robert & Anne Dickey House, an 1810 landmark. A 4,800-square-foot retail space will also occupy part of the ground floor, along with lobbies for the school and the apartments. The residents of this tower will get to enjoy Hudson River and New York Harbor views. 

Built to LEED standards, the building strives to be environmentally sustainable. It includes technology like variable refrigerant flow heating and cooling for optimal year-round temperatures and energy efficiency. Included are 157 ALDES Zone Register Terminals (ZRT®) which are designed to introduce flexibility and dynamic control to central ventilation systems. Used in both large and small systems, the ZRT regulates ventilation without the need for individual fans. In addition, 12 Constant Exhaust Registers with integral fire dampers regulate airflows in duct systems to constant levels. Responding to duct pressure changes caused by thermal stack effect, building pressure, and dust-clogged filters the Constant Exhaust Registers eliminate the need for on-site balancing within the building.

Aldes representative A.D.E. in New York—the leading manufacturer representative of HVAC products in the Big Apple — facilitated the sale of Aldes products to this innovative structure.

FXFOWLE architects is designing 42 Trinity Place, and the developer is Trinity Place Holdings.

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