American Aldes’ and their North Texas representative Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) of Texas has secured sales of 173 Energy Recovery Ventilators serving four schools in the Frisco Intermediate School District.  Frisco, Texas is located just north of Dallas, and is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities in the United States, coming in fourth with a population growth of 6.3% between 2014 and 2015 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Frisco Intermediate School District is also undergoing tremendous growth with thousands of new students coming into the school district every year.  Business expansion and corporate relocations to the area, resulting in new jobs in several sectors and a boom in residential housing have contributed to population growth and the need for more schools.

To accommodate the growing student population, the district is adding several new schools across four campuses. The E650 and E1100series light commercial energy recovery ventilators are being installed in the new Memorial High School (85 ERVs); Lawler Middle School (36 ERVs); Tally Elementary School (26 ERVs); and Liscano Elementary School (26 ERVs).

Part of the challenge was adapting the standard light commercial ERVs to meet some unique design criteria found in each school.  It required a collaborative effort between the American and Canadian Aldes teams to quickly make the changes necessary in order to secure the projects.

Aldes’ representative HTS is the largest independent commercial HVAC manufacturers’ representative in North America. The company represents more than 100 HVAC suppliers and has close to 600 employees in 16 cities across Canada and the United States.

“HTS recognized the opportunity to provide these schools with Aldes energy recovery ventilators that will save the district on energy costs and provide healthy indoor air for thousands of students,” said Tom Heidel, National Distribution Sales Manager at American Aldes. “We are pleased that HTS continues to be aggressive in securing specifications and sale for our air exchangers and look forward to future growth with HTS.”

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