The H1100-N heat recovery ventilator provides fresh air with high-efficiency energy recovery up to 1245 cubic feet per minute (585 L/s). The H1100-N comes with AHRI Certified aluminium or polypropylene heat-recovery cores depending on your specific needs.
Light Commercial units are for INDOOR use only, in heated spaces.

For the lowest electrical consumption, consider the H1100-Fi-EC-N or H1100A-Fi-EC-N, with efficient EC motors that consume on average about half of the electricity of the H1100-Fi-N and H1100A-Fi-N.

For indoor pool and other high humidity areas we offer the H1100-Fi-P-N with stainless steel interior and anti-corrosion protection.

The unit comes with fan-exhaust frost protection or with recirculation defrost with the addition of kit #683950 (factory or field installation available).

The unit is compatible with the BACnet kit (#611235) that provides several inputs and outputs to enable two-way communication with a centralized controller.

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