The E1800L-N energy recovery ventilator provides fresh air with high-efficiency energy recovery up to  1380 cubic feet per minute (650 L/s). The E1800L-N makes use of Aldes’ AHRI-Certified High Latent Transfer enthalpic cores that deliver superior moisture transfer and can be used in any climate zone.
Light Commercial units are for INDOOR use only, in heated spaces.

For the lowest electrical consumption, consider the E1800L-Fi-EC-N with efficient EC motors and higher maximum fresh air delivery rates of up to 1925 cfm (900 L/s).

The unit comes with fan-exhaust frost protection or with recirculation defrost with the addition of kit #683960 (factory or field installation available).

The unit is compatible with the BACnet kit (#611235) that provides several inputs and outputs to enable two-way communication with a centralized controller.

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