The powerful, low-energy-consumption ERV you’ve been looking for!

The E130-HRX Energy Recovery Ventilator consumes up to 60% less electricity than the E130-HR, due to its quiet, efficient EC motors. And it exchanges more air, with a maximum boost speed up to 15% higher than the E130-HR. Great for applications with high static pressures.

Ideal for in-suite ventilation in high-rises, the E130-HRX delivers impressive drainless enthalpic heat-recovery performance in a compact, easy-to-install package only 9-1/4 inches in height. Easily concealed in a drop-ceiling or soffit, the E130-HRX has been thoughtfully engineered for apartments, condos and all dwellings that use concrete slab construction.

Model E130-HRX-N has a junction box instead of a power cord for applications that require hard-wiring to the building’s electric mains.

Models E130-HRX-M and E130-HRX-N-M are ‘mirrored’ versions with the indoor and outdoor ducts on the opposite sides of the ERV, to greatly simplify duct runs.