The Digital Multifunction Wall Control with this attractive, back-lit Decora™-style wall control offers complete control of your home’s ventilation for maximum comfort and respiratory health.

Compatible with all Aldes residential air exchangers, this control has the following operating features:

  • Manual high- and low-speed air exchange.
  • Dehumidistat mode: Automatic high-speed air exchange based on indoor relative humidity to maintain your desired comfort level and to prevent mold from forming.
  • ECO mode: low-speed air exchange for 20 minutes of every hour.
  • High Occupancy mode: High-speed air exchange for 1, 2 or 4 hours to bring in fresh air when there are larger numbers of people indoors or when the air is contaminated with excessive amounts of steam, smoke or dust.
  • Relative humidity display
  • Air exchanger maintenance indicator.

And on air exchangers with an air recirculation mode, the control enables:

  • Manual high- and low-speed recirculation for distributing warm or cool air evenly throughout your home.
  • ECO mode: low-speed exchange (20 min) and recirculation (40 min) for optimal distribution of fresh air.

All of these features are easily accessed using a soothing blue back-lit, 4 button keypad and clear LCD display.