The new 1-million-square-foot Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco, California will connect eight Bay Area counties and the State of California through 11 transportation systems. The Center, expected to open in late 2017, will include American Aldes Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs) as part of the ventilation system. DMG North, a manufacturer’s representative for custom engineered, high-quality HVAC equipment, helped secure the sale of Aldes CAR products for this project.

Aldes Constant Airflow Regulars automatically regulate airflow in duct systems to constant levels. The passive control element responds to duct pressure and requires no electric or pneumatic sensors or controls. The CAR compensates for changes in duct pressure caused by thermal stack effect and provides a low-cost solution to balancing forced-air systems, eliminating the need for on-site balancing. CARs are frequently specified for a variety of applications.

The Transit Center will feature a Grand Hall, a ground level floor with an open air main entrance which will include an information center, ticket kiosks, automated ticketing and escalators. The Center will feature above-grade bus level, ground floor and concourse-level retail and foundations for two below-grade levels to serve Caltrain and future high-speed rail service to Los Angeles. A glass light column will allow natural daylight into the Center. It will also include sustainable design features which will allow the facility to achieve LEED gold certification.

Other recent transportation-related projects utilizing Aldes products include Grand Central Station in New York City, which also uses CARs; and homes surrounding several major airports such as Los Angeles International Airport and San Diego International Airport, which use blending and filtering ventilators as part of the Federal Government’s Airport Noise Mitigation Program.

About American ALDES
American ALDES is the premier manufacturer of ventilation products and systems for homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools and numerous other commercial applications. Products are designed for superior airflow control, energy-efficient performance, and a healthy indoor environment.

American ALDES is a based in Florida and is a subsidiary of the ALDES Group, an international, family-owned group of more than 1,300 employees and 17 subsidiaries in 13 countries.

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