Aldes IQ-VFC is an intelligent ERV-integrated vertical fan coil for high-rise apartments, condominiums, and hotels. The IQ-VFC takes all the benefits of a standard vertical fan coil and builds in the energy-efficient ventilation of an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The result is a heating, cooling, and ventilation solution that works smarter, saves space, and reduces costs.

Technical Features:

Molded Duct Collars
Backward-Inclined Impellers
Enthalpic Membrane Core
Highly Efficient EC Blower Motor
Water-to-Air Coil for Heating and Cooling
Advanced Features:

Positive Protect™ senses the temperature near the water-bearing components, and when it is 38°F or lower, it creates a safe mode that turns off both ERV blowers, closes the fresh air inlet damper, and opens the hot water actuator to prevent freezing conditions.
Integral ERV airflow balancing features are built into every unit, enabling a trained installer to accurately balance incoming and outgoing air streams.
The fan coils were independently sound tested to meet (NC) 35 criteria.
The ERV is purpose-designed to reduce redundant metal components. The proprietary custom circuit board offers superior control of essential operating parameters.

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