Aldes AIRLET™ 600 Humidity-Controlled Fresh Air Inlet is a unique make-up air inlet that automatically adjusts incoming airflow according to interior humidity levels. Ventilation make-up air is modulated according to the needs of the room. The AIRLET™ 600 mixes outdoor air with indoor air to minimize the perception of uncomfortable drafts, even in cold climates.

When installed in tightly constructed homes and apartments, along with a continuously operating exhaust system, the AIRLET™ 600 provides a controlled, dedicated pathway of fresh air to bedrooms and main living areas.

When used with a continuously operating exhaust system, AIRLET™ 600s are considered a vital component of a demand-controlled ventilation system that modulates exhaust rates according to relative humidity. In occupied rooms, the relative humidity increases and the inlet opens to allow fresh air to enter the room. In unoccupied rooms, the relative humidity decreases, and the inlet closes. Even when the exhaust rates are very low, the AIRLET™ 600 responds to occupancy patterns and ensures that fresh air enters rooms that have higher humidity levels.

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